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What is the dental Disclosing Tablet?

The technique to investigate any plaque after Sparkle Ionic usage.

Many people are not accustomed to the Dental Disclosing Tablet which is the product to inspect the dirty stain or plaque on the enamel. It also identify how clean we brush our teeth and motivate us to pay more attention to the oral cleaning process and better tooth.

Check the quality of plaque and increase the oral care and better tooth cleaning process by Sparkle Ionic toothbrush.

Anionic toothbrush will reduce the accumulated stain which is the major cause of dental diseases. Time to change your toothbrush.

How to use:

  1. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with clean water.
  2. Shew 1 Dental Disclosing Tablet for 30 seconds without swallowing.
  3. Rinse your mouth with clean water. The color of Dental Disclosing Tablet attached to your teeth will indicate the dirty stain which is hazardous to your teeth. These stain are usually invisible while you are brushing your teeth.
  4. Delete all the color stain attached to your teeth by toothbrushing and using dental floss. The color of Dental Disclosing Tablet will gradually disappear from your tongue and mouth.
  5. Should use the Dental Disclosing Tablet regularly in order to inspect the dirty stain or the plaque in the oral cavity and teeth.

GUM Red-Cote tablets

The deletion of the plaque is essential because it will improve your oral health and finally increase all good health. Usually It is not easy to see any plaque with your own eyes. Good news, we have a better solution to find an easy way to identify which part of your teeth need to cure other than regular toothbrushing or more dental floss usage.

GSM Tablets has a good taste and easy to use. It will help disclose any plaque on your enamel.

GUM Red-Cote® tablets

The using method is by toothbrushing and rinsing your mouth with clean water. After that you just chew the cherry flavored dental disclosing tablets for 30 seconds without swollwing it. The tablet will change any plaque on your enamel to be red color which is very easy to see with your eyes. Therefore you may brush your tooth or use any dental floss in such areas until your tooth is completely clean again.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. This information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Club Smile Clinic.