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Whenever we brush our teeth, we need to brush with the toothpaste. Nowadays, there are many formulas and brands on sale. How do we choose the right toothpaste?

Generally, any toothpastes may be used if they contain with fluoride which protects dental caries and strengthen your teeth. To advise how to choose the toothpaste, you should select the toothpaste which contains of the polishing substances in low quantity in order to prevent any damages to the outer layer of tooth or the enamel. Although the polishing substances help cleaning and whitening your teeth but the bad effect is the enamel corrosion. The inner part of tooth or dentin consists of porosity, the high or low temperature from food may penetrate and contact with the edge of nerves. The result will be hyper sensitive teeth every time you eat hot or cold food.

In addition, there are the toothpastes for each individual such as

  1. The person who often has oral wounds caused by the cleaning substances or foaming substances such as sodium lauryl sulphate, should buy other formula toothpaste which do not consist of such substances which describes at the container or package that “ Safe for enamel “.
  2. The whitening toothpaste: the main quality is to delete any stain attached to tooth layer such as cigarette stain, coffee. It will clean your teeth and emphasize the white dentin but do not whiten your teeth.
  3. The toothpaste for the person who has hyper sensitive. The person who has hyper sensitive teeth should use the hyper sensitive protection toothpaste which reduces the polishing substances and contains of potassium nitrate substances. It will reduce some hyper sensitive symptoms. If it does not work, please change to the toothpaste which contains of high fluoride substances. Fluoride will fill the porosity of the teeth which prevents the nerve to contact with the hot and cold conditions of food.
  4. The toothpaste for the person who has gingivitis. The accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity not only causes dental caries but the toxic which bacteria releases also destroys the tissues of gum plus bleeding and gingivitis. The toothpaste which contains of flavor added substances such as sugar or sweetener will transform oral cavity to be acidic conditions and support the accumulation of bacteria. The toothpaste which is suitable for the gingivitis contains of cylintol substances, a natural extract, which will not accumulate and not be diluted to be acid by bacteria in your mouth. It efficiently creates the balance of acid and alkali in oral cavity. The non acidic conditions will prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity. Therefore the high cylintol toothpaste will reduce the gingivitis.
  5. The toothpaste for children. Same as the adult, the good children’s toothpaste should have substances with no sugar to prevent dental caries and have fluoride plus polishing substances like the adult toothpaste. However the infant may have chances to swallow the toothpaste while brushing their teeth. The dental association suggest the parents to avoid using toothpaste for the baby or the infant aged below 18 months and to use toothpaste with low fluoride formula for infant aged between 18 months up to 6 year old in order to prevent the accumulation of fluoride in the dentin which may cause the fluorosis. This disease happens because the patients consume too much fluoride while they are in tooth development period. It causes the disorder mineral accumulation in the dentin and display in the clinic symptoms such as badge or spots in white, dark yellow or dark brown.
  6. The toothpaste for deleting limestone stain. The accumulation of limestone stain will lead to the gingivitis. Although daily tooth brushing may delete the limestone stain, the dentist may do it better at least once a year. Almost all kind of toothpastes contain of limestone deleting substances.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. This information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Clinic Club Smile.