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Sparkle Ionic Toothbrush

Sparkle’s innovative ionic toothbrush is certified by the Japan Dental Association. It has since become the industry leader in using this technology, which enables the brush to release negative ions which help in the gentle, yet

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Sparkle Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

ยาสีฟันจากเกลือธรรมชาติมีออณูเล็กบริสุทธิ์ Himalayan Pink Salt และ Bolivian Pink Sait ที่อุดมไปด้วยแร่ธาตุขั้นสูง โซเดียม, แคลเซียม, โปตัสเซียม, แมกนีเซียม และเหล็ก

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How to eat happily without limestone accumulation?

Not only every meal we eat is the beginning of the deliciousness but also of the dental health risk. Because of food we eat everyday accumulate bacteria film by the mixture of saliva and all food remaining in the oral cavity, they soon become "Plaque"