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How to eat happily without limestone accumulation?

Not only every meal we eat is the beginning of the deliciousness but also of the dental health risk. Because of food we eat everyday accumulate bacteria film by the mixture of saliva and all food remaining in the oral cavity, they soon become "Plaque" Plaque is a form of thin and transparent film attached to the base of teeth and the space between teeth. This film accumulates and become limestone which is very difficult to remove from the teeth and may cause the dental disease.
If we choose certain food to eat, they may reduce the limestone accumulation. It will also strengthen the dental health and have a better dental hygiene. Let's see which food are able to reduce the accumulation of plaque and limestone.

  •  Apple: To detect the formation of limestone on the teeth and to strengthen the gums health. No bleeding teeth.
  • Orange and Pineapple: Full of Vitamin C which stimulates the saliva generating in order to digest food in the oral cavity. It also protects the bacteria growing on the teeth.
  • Strawberry: To efficiently remove tea, coffee film and limestone on the teeth.
  • Carrot and Broccoli: The highly fibred fruit are to protect the teeth corrosion and to build the thin film cover the teeth in order to prevent any stain to become the limestone.
  • Nut, Peanut, Almond, Macadamia: They have protein, unsaturated fat and fibre which assist teeth hygiene and whiten teeth.

Just begins to take care of dental health and oral cavity by consuming these healthy fruits and vegetables, it will make all meals happily delicious without any limestone problems. And if you pay attention to choose the toothbrush like Sparkle Ionic Toothbrush  to remove the limestone. Our Ionic Toothbrush which generates negative ions will more efficiently remove the limestone from the teeth than any ordinary toothbrushes. It will also doubles your sparking smiles every day.

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*Results vary for each individual