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Why do you have to pay attention to brush your teeth before sleeping?


Have you ever been ordered to brush your teeth by your parents before sleeping every single night? Even as parent yourself you are doing the same way to your kid, aren't you. Do you know how important to do dental and oral cavity hygiene activity before going to bed? Try to understand how our health working procedure which has a risk to causes dental health problems.

While we are sleeping, the salivary glands normally secrete less saliva than we are waking. These circumstances will not only decrease the ability to remove any stain from our teeth such as plaque but also allow the limestone to accumulate easily. Moreover if there is any food remaining in the oral cavity before sleeping. It will accelerate the reaction of bacteria accumulation in the oral cavity. It also increases the risk to have all dental diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease and the personality problem like bad breath.

Therefore, tooth brushing before sleeping  is necessary for daily dental and oral cavity hygiene. Tooth brushing also stimulates your gum to generate better blood circulation. The better circulation will strengthen your gum. We should brush our teeth twice a day, at least a few minutes each time. First, before sleeping is necessary for protecting the bacteria accumulation. Secondly, in the morning is to do oral hygiene which makes us feel confident with our oral cavity all day long.

Sparkle Ionic Toothbrush, the most newly innovation from Japan, will do the hygiene process on your teeth and oral cavity with the negative ion which is approved by The Japan Dentistry Association. The 10-50 micro amperes negative ion is not only to disintegrate plaque which causes the limestone accumulation and also to stimulate blood circulation on your gum efficiently. The new special brush head is wider by size plus 2 dimensions, pyramidal and tiny brushes. The interior brush will remove the limestone and the exterior brush will massage your gum. Sparkle Ionic toothbrush is the answer for all various lifestyles.