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Bright, brilliant smiles...a must for today’s charmers

Since the beginning of time, men have been mesmerized over and over again by a woman’s smile. Many believe it’s because smiles are a sign of friendship and sincerity, the foundations of a good relationship. But if a woman smiles and all you see are yellow stained teeth, receding gums and not a white tooth in sight, you are likely to just turn your backs and say a quick goodbye. It’s not that men are THAT superficial, but unhealthy smiles might signal to a man that that woman doesn’t really take good care of her health, especially her oral health. Now, in order to prevent this from ever happening to you, here are some pointers which will bring back whither teeth and your self-confidence.

1. Strongly colored foods can change the color of your teeth.

Brightly colored soft drinks, strongly colored sauces and dark colored drinks such as tea, coffee, or wine can be a prominent factor in dampening the brightness of our teeth. If you want to eat or drink such items, make sure that you brush your teeth immediately afterwards. Oh, and anyone who smokes, should quit smoking immediately as well.

2. New brush, shinier teeth

 “Whiter teeth, plaque free”
•    Comes with replacement bristles
•    Bristles are especially small and appropriately shaped
•    Bristles can access small and deep crevices between your teeth and gums
•    Reduces the risk of cavities and gum diseases

We all know that we should change our toothbrush every two to three months, but many think that if the brush still looks new, you can keep on using it. Little do we know that, by using the same toothbrush for more than three months, we’re simply INVITING bacteria to enter our mouths and make a comfortable home. Anything interesting point is that you should brush gently, but effectively. A good thing to remember is to try and hold your toothbrush as you would a pen. This way you can control the force in which you use your toothbrush, making sure you’re not using too much force and damaging your gums in the process.

3. Get whiter teeth by using an apple?

Foods that are made of dense, crispy material can also help clean our teeth. Apples, for example, can be called “nature’s toothbrush” because sinking your teeth into an apple can help remove stains on the coatings of your teeth. Fresh carrots and popcorn (non-coated, sugar free) also have the same attributes. So finishing off a meal with these types of foods can actually help clean your teeth by removing some left over food particles. Of course, it cannot replace brushing your teeth after every meal. That would be the best way to maintain bright teeth.

4. Natural mouthwash

Try rinsing your mouth with apple cider and vinegar in the morning. After that, brush your teeth as you normally would. This process will help remove tooth stains, brightening the color of your teeth. It can also rid your mouth and gums of bacteria as well.

5. Flossing after every meal

We should not limit flossing to a “before bed” activity. Flossing after meals will more effectively remove left over food particles stuck in between your teeth. Keeping some floss in your bag can come in handy in emergency situations when you need to make a good impression during an important meeting. But to be on the safe side, brushing after every meal is always the best bet.

6. Want clean, white teeth? Brush morning AND evening

Although we may do it everyday, many may still wonder why we have to. Brushing our teeth before going to bed is necessary because while we sleep, saliva will circulate in our mouths. This circulation can allow plaque to damage our teeth and cause cavities. Therefore, we should get rid of as much plaque as possible before hitting the sack. As for brushing in the morning, well…it’s main purpose is to get rid of plaque as well, but also to eliminate any bacteria which will cause bad breath. We all know that while we sleep, bacteria multiplies while our mouths are closed and the temperature in our mouths increases, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

7. It has to be red

The shade of the lipstick we wear also has an effect on how white our teeth appear to others. Wearing pink, medium coral, or tinted red lipstick will considerably increase the appearance of whiter teeth. Nude toned lipsticks tend to make your teeth look even more yellow than they actually are.

*Results vary for each individual