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Because teenagers have to be “different”, their toothbrushes have to be different and appropriate for their age too!

What kind of toothbrush is best suited for teenagers?

Have you ever noticed that people of different ages have different looking toothbrushes? That’s because every age group goes through changes regarding their oral health. Therefore, people of different ages should choose toothbrushes most appropriate to their unique characteristics to best take care of their oral health. Teenagers are no exception. They should choose their toothbrushes according to their lifestyles , picking the ones which have particular attributes to help them best take care of their oral hygiene. Let’s take a look at what teenagers should consider when buying a toothbrush.

1. Bristles. Selecting the bristles which are gentle, yet strong enough to help remove leftover food particles is very important. Especially as many teenagers are in the age group when many have orthodontic braces installed onto their teeth. Gentle bristles will help clean and are flexible enough to reach smaller areas, but will not damage your gums.

2. Handle. Pick a toothbrush that best fits your grip. Remember that your toothbrush is your best tool in maintaining good oral health. It should help you clean and prevent the accumulation of bacteria in your entire mouth, even those hard-to-reach places.

3. Additional attributes. Your toothbrush should have additional attributes to help you better clean your mouth. Its bristles could have tiny rubber nodes or the brush head could have a tongue cleaner on the other side. In addition, the handle itself could be innovative enough to help break down plaque stains.

4. Replacement. Be sure to change your favorite toothbrush every three months in order to keep it effective.

One particular toothbrush could best fit the needs of teenagers. That is the Sparkle Ionic Toothbrush. The innovative brush is able to release negative ions which help in the gentle, yet efficient reduction of plaque. This ground breaking innovation allows for the removal of accumulated plaque without damaging gums. It also helps with the reduction of bad breath. Microfine bristles are gentle and appropriately shaped, enabling them to access small crevices between teeth and gums. This will, in turn, help promote white, healthy teeth, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease without damaging the surface of the teeth. The handle is made for a steady, sturdy grip and brush head replacements can be bought, reducing the need to change the entire toothbrush every three months. Changing merely the head of the brush will also help reduce costs.

The Sparkle Ionic Toothbrush is an item that teenagers must have in their homes. It comes with new innovative technology from Japan which ensures clean, healthy teeth and fresh clean breath.