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Toothaches can dampen any smile


There are a lot of factors around us which contribute to our sour mood. Even the unwavering heat can dampen any smile. But one sure thing that will wipe any smile off someone’s face is a toothache. For some people, toothaches come and go. For others, the pain of a toothache is persistent and refuses to go away.
So what causes toothaches?

1.    A cavity that is left untreated will eventually allow bacteria to finds its way to the end of the root and fester. If anything comes into contact with the tooth, the pain will be immediate.
2.    A tooth which is surrounded by inflamed gums. This is caused by the erosion of the area around the tooth’s root. Bacteria will accumulate there, causing the tooth to become unsteady, sensitive, and ache.
3.    A fracture or break of a tooth will cause sharp pain if you drink cold or hot water. This is because nerves are exposed by the fracture and various substances can come into direct contact with the nerve, causing severe pain.

So anyone suffering from a toothache should seek the assistance of a dentist and pay more attention to their oral health. This includes choosing a toothbrush that helps fight against bacteria and making sure you’re brushing your teeth correctly. The solutions are quite simple and will help us smile, even through rain or shine.


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