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Sparkle Coffee & Tea Drinkers’ Whitening Toothpaste

So who here likes drinking tea and/or coffee?
As for me, I don’t drink coffee. I can’t drink coffee. It makes my heart race, I have trouble sleeping and my body just can’t handle it. But one thing I do love to drink is green tea. I drink green tea on a daily basis. I also love snacks made of cheese. You know, the ones that leave your teeth and even your fingers yellow from all that cheese?

If you’re like me and need a tool to help keep your teeth clear of discoloration from eating or drinking certain kinds of food, here’s something that can help.
Today, I’m picking up the  Sparkle Coffee & Tea Drinkers’ Whitening Toothpaste and doing a review to see if it really works.

*Results vary for each individual
Product Claims
“Reduces yellow stains and bad breath caused by tea or coffee”

With the effectiveness of Micro White Silica, which are small particles which help break down stubborn stains on the coating of your teeth. The toothpaste also has PVP, which is strong enough to remove such stains, but safe and gentle enough that it will not damage your tooth’s natural enamel.

That’s not all. The toothpaste also contains a mixture of CDX, which helps reduce bad breath that results from drinking tea and coffee. All this to make sure your breath is minty fresh all day long.

The product has been tested by dental specialists from the Dermscan Asia Institute in France. Results show that users did report whiter teeth and lesser stains from tea and coffee.

From a total number of 20 male and female Asian participants aged between 18 to 37 who regularly drink tea or coffee, research found that

- 90% reported whiter teeth after using the product for two weeks
-while 19 out of 20 people said they were satisfied with the product for helping reduce bad breath
What the product looks like
The packaging is designed with brown colored letters which is very different from other Sparkle products.

Just seeing the packaging, you know that it is a formula designed to tackle problems experienced by tea and coffee drinkers.

This formula comes in two sizes: 50 grams and 90 grams.

*Results vary for each individual
There is a sealed foil cap at the opening of the tube to ensure users that the product was not opened or tampered with.

*Results vary for each individual
There is a sealed foil cap at the opening of the tube to ensure users that the product was not opened or tampered with.

*Results vary for each individual
The toothpaste itself is white, but it contains small blue particles throughout the tube. The smell is minty fresh.
When squeezing it, make sure you squeeze enough paste to cover all the bristles.

*Results vary for each individual
From then, brush as you normally would. I normally brush approximately 2-3 minutes every time.
Once you’re done brushing, rinse as usual. Another added value would be to rinse one more time, but this time with mouthwash. This way you’ll know that you’ve covered all the bases.

*Results vary for each individual

Thoughts after using product

I’ve already used up a whole tube of the  Sparkle Coffee & Tea Drinkers’ Whitening Toothpaste. One thing that I like in particular is I really feel as though my teeth are cleaner compared to when I use regular toothpaste. Another thing is for sure. There is no bad breath throughout the day.
One other aspect that I’ve noticed is that it feels as if it helped reduced my plaque because my teeth feel smoother than ever. Even after meals, when you would normally feel a thin layer of film covering you teeth, that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s hard to explain, but my teeth are definitely smoother than before. 
As for the whitening attributions, I didn’t notice any significant change in the color of my teeth. I’m being very honest here. Although I don’t see a change in the brightening of my teeth, I definitely feel that my teeth are smoother and cleaner.
Maybe some of you may have to test the whitening attributes for yourself. I think that regular coffee drinkers may see a more noticeable change in color than me.

             Before                          After using 1 tube of Sparkle

*Results vary for each individual

I would, therefore, like to recommend that tea and coffee drinkers try out this toothpaste. Something that I’ve been on the receiving end before is that I can smell coffee on someone’s breath if they are a regular coffee drinker. Because I’m not a coffee drinker, I will notice this very easily. And I must admit that it’s not a good characteristic to have bad breath even if it’s just from drinking coffee.
Anyways, you should try it. It’s definitely another interesting option!
Prices and available outlets
50 grams of product priced at 85 Baht
90 grams of product priced at 135 Baht
The  Sparkle Coffee & Tea Drinkers’ Whitening Toothpaste is available for purchase at Tesco Lotus, Big C, Watsons, Home Fresh Mart,
Boots, Tops Supermarkets, leading department stores and dentist clinics nationwide

Or shop online at—tea-drinker
 Follow all of Sparkle’s promotional activities at

Lastly, I have to thank Sparkle for sending this good product for me to test.
See you in my next review.

*Results vary for each individual

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