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The SPARKLE IONIC Whitening Toothbrush

an ionic toothbrush which promotes the health of your mouth and whitens your teeth.
Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a regular practice to maintain the health of our teeth and gums, but choosing the right toothbrush is another key factor.Today, Techyladygogo will review a normal looking toothbrush which is anything but normal. Of course, if it’s Techy, reviews must be done only on special products.


Today’s gadget review will be on a special toothbrush. It’s an ionic toothbrush which releases negative ions which help with eliminating bacteria and removing stubborn plaque stains, leaving us with a bright, healthy smile. It’s a product that is highly popular in Japan and Sparkle is the only company which imports this technology to Thailand.

Let me first start off with telling you the distinctive and interesting aspects of this toothbrush. 

I must say that after removing it from its packaging, the first thing I noticed was it’s very soft bristles. These double layer bristles are unique and exclusive only to Sparkle. Not only are the bristles soft, but the end of the bristles are merely 0.01 mm wide, enabling it to clean the deepest crevices of our teeth. The bristles also massage our gums. Here, I can use my fingers to graze the bristles to show you how soft they are. They get even softer after being run under some water.

SPARKLE IONIC ANTI_PLAQUE TOOTHBRUSH - Bristles are soft, small, able to clean the smallest areas

Even people with braces can use this brush. Those of you with gingivitis can use it because it doesn’t cause receding gums. This toothbrush can even clean orthodontic equipment.

The handle is installed with a three volt lithium battery which is covered by a plate of metal to protect the battery against water. Since it’s waterproof, you can use it in the bathroom or even in the shower. The metal core of the brush releases negative ions. Your hands must be wet for this gadget to work properly.


The bristles on the brush can be changed. The metal core will release negative ions to the head of the brush. After one week of use, don’t be surprised if you notice an accumulation of plaque and tartar on the metal core. It’s not any lingering stains of toothpaste as most people might think.

There is a button you can push to test the battery. When you push that button, if the battery is still working properly, a red light will light up at the tail end of the handle. The battery life is approximately two years, but checking it from time to time doesn’t hurt.


How to use the Sparkle Ionic Anti-plaque Toothbrush
First things first...make sure you wet the brush, the bristles, and the metal plate. Then squeeze the appropriate amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush. I’ve been using the SPARKLE COFFEE & TEA DRINKERS’ TOOTHPASTE, which helps reduce teeth discoloration from tea and coffee stains. Brush as you normally would for about 2-3 minutes. You can use this brush to brush your gums and tongue as you would any normal toothbrush. The bristles are gentle enough.

Thoughts during and after useThis toothbrush is easy to use. The handle is just the right size and the grip is nice and firm. The bristles are soft. However, they are able to reach the small nooks and crannies of your gums and teeth. It can also be used to brush your gums and tongue without having it hurt or irritate. To my surprise, I didn’t feel any electrical current. The brush didn’t make any sounds or vibrate. This brush is very easy to use, just like using any normal toothbrush. One trick you should remember, though. Try to keep your wet hand on the metal plate to make sure the negative ions are being released. This will assure us that the brush is working properly.

After using the Sparkle Ionic Anti-plaque Toothbrush, I felt a very distinctive feeling of a fresh, clean mouth. My teeth felt smooth and shiny, similar to something without any lingering stains. I deliberately ran my tongue against my teeth and it felt very smooth. Whether it was smiling, speaking, or even pecking someone on the cheek, I felt very confident. I felt as though this brush did a better job of cleaning my mouth better than other toothbrushes. Especially since I’m a regular coffee drinker, I feel that the brush and the toothpaste I used left my mouth virtually stain free. My teeth felt brighter and shinier.

Whatever toothbrush you use, you should change it every three months. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like throwing away the whole thing is such a waste. But with the Sparkle Ionic Anti-plaque Toothbrush, the core and the battery can last for up to two years. All you have to do is use the two bristle replacements which come with the toothbrush free. If you’ve used up both replacements, there are additional replacements that you can purchase, instead of replacing the whole toothbrush.

Everyone knows that we should maintain our oral health by brushing our teeth at least twice a day, but what we should also be aware of is that choosing the right toothbrush is also very important. Bristles should be soft, yet sturdy enough to reach down and clean into the teeth and gum lining. It would be even better if it’s an ionic toothbrush which will better clean teeth, while getting rid of discoloration and plaque. After each use, we should physically feel that are teeth are sparkling clean. Bristles should be changed every three months. The next time you change your toothbrush, try the Sparkle Ionic Anti-plaque Toothbrush. You really should try it.

Techyladygogo’s review of the Sparkle Ionic Anti-plaque Toothbrush

*Results vary for each individual

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