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How orthodontic patients look after and take care their teeth?

Which toothbrush should they use?

Nowadays The orthodontic patients are divided to be 2 major groups: The attached equipment group and the transparent equipment group. The method of cleaning process of the trans apparent equipment is no different than the non-orthodontic patient. If there are attached equipment made by either metal or ceramic, the cleaning procedure must be more carefully. To be more specific, the ordinary person without any orthodontic equipment will clean 6 angles per 1 tooth. The patients have at least 20-32 teeth therefore the space to be cleaned will go up to 120-192 angles. If there are orthodontic equipment on the patients ‘teeth, the cleaning space will go up to 13 angles per 1 tooth. The 5 angles on attached equipment plus under the orthodontic wires for 2 angles will increase the cleaning spaces to be 260-416 angles per 1 tooth. There are specific toothbrush for the orthodontic patients which has a sharp and rounded shaped brush organized in v shape in order to support the orthodontic equipment. Beside the increasing of cleaning spaces, the orthodontic patients need extra equipment to clean up the gap between their teeth such as Superfloss, Proxabrush, End tuft brush. They may add the mouthwash which has the higher intensity of fluoride than the regular mouthwash. 

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. 

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