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Can we use electric toothbrush with the recession patients or the patients who have gum problems?

The recession may occur from the toothbrushing by both the regular toothbrush and electric toothbrush if you use wrongly. The main reason is the hardness of toothbrushing, the direction of the toothbrushing. The electric toothbrush is able to use but correctly usage is advised. The rotation of electric toothbrush has different ways such as whirl rotation or horizontal rotation. Plus the power of each electric toothbrush brands are not equal. By putting the proper direction of the toothbrush can protect the gum recession finally.

Noted: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. This information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of the Club Smile Clinic.