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The Evolution of Toothbrush

Toothbrush originated by a prisoner, William Addis. Addis once cleaned his teeth with any clothes as everyone also did in that era. He suddenly came up with a new idea. He brought the bone leftover from his meal and made a little hole on that bone. He then brought the brush from his prison officer, trimed the edge and put the brush in that hole by connecting with the glue.The first toothbrush of the world finally occurred. After left his jailtime, he statred the toothbrush business. Many people are interested in his innovation. Nowadays nobody do not know the toothbrush but how many people know that toothbrush originally originated in the prison.

In 1990, natural animal brush are replaced by artificial brushes especially Nylon. Nylon spreading used especially produced by Termo Johnson & Johnson: the leading medical equipment corporation. The company made toothbrushes to be easier for people to access. The toothbrush produced during 1980 is different from the previous by making an angel to facilitate the way to clean all dental cavity.

In Thailand, there is a record of the import toothbrush for sale in the Siam in the period of King Rama the V. The toothbrush are used only among the foreigners because all the advertising are in English. When toothbrush become more popular, they start to produce toothbrush in the country. The 2 flags toothbrush brand is the first toothbrush made in Thailand in 2481b.c. They made from ox bone and pig brush.

Note: This artical is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with any doctor or any dentist for any dental problems or any questions.
Information supported by Dentist Tanopote Ninmod, Club Smile Clinic.