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Is it necessary to mix some water into mouthwash before using it?

Mouthwashes in the market have proper concentrations that can be used without dilution; it is the ready-to-use product, but if you feel irritation in your mouth that is caused by concentrations in some formulas of the mouthwash you used, we suggest you change to use the other formulas. For example, if you are allergic to the mouthwash that contains alcohol as an ingredient, we suggest you change to use the non-alcohol mouthwash instead. However, adding some water into mouthwash is one of the ways to dilute it, but concentrations of other substances in the mouthwash will be diluted as well.

Noted: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. This information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Club Smile Clinic.