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Between the sharpen toothbrush and the cut end toothbrush, which one should the hyper sensitive person use?

The cause of the hyper sensitive symptoms do not occur by the character of the brush but it depends on the softness or the hardness of the brush in coordination with the brushing technique of each individual brusher. However we need to find the cause of hyper sensitive symptoms where they originated from in order to cure it. The cause of hyper sensitive symptoms are divided to 2 major groups: from tooth decay and periodontal diseases. However the major causes which are obviously seen such as the wrong brushing techniques, recessions, deteriorated tooth filling equipments, tooth decay which penetrated the dentine, the injury from the tooth biting, eroding tooth from tooth biting while sleeping.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. The information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Club Smile Clinic.