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Limestone Stain and Gingivitis problems


Limestone stain and gingivitis start from the insufficient cavity hygiene. It also accumulates the germ stain on the edge of gum and any spaces among teeth. When you do not brush your teeth thoroughly, any plaque can accumulate and gradually become limestone stain. Bacteria usually lives in plaque and limestone stain. When bacteria receives food from what we eat, it will generate acid in that area. Those acid will cause the inflammation to our gum and periodontal tissue around the gum. This inflammation can be cure by dental scaling, root planing or operating to create new periodontal tissue plantation.

Therefore, we should take good care of our dental hygiene and meet the dentist in every six months. The dentist will check any defects and cure those problems early in order to prolong your teeth lifespan and to get stable dental health. To choose the right toothbrushes can clean up your gum entirely and eliminate limestone stain and plaque efficiently.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We suggest you to consult with any doctor or any dentist for any dental problems or any questions.
Information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod, Club Smile Clinic