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Does tea and coffee make teeth more yellow and how to stop it.

Tea and coffee both have a chance to create yellow stains on our teeth, this is a result of dentin having small holes, which can be seen through high magnification microscopes. These holes allow substances to enter, however if it doesn’t frequently happen then there is no noticeable difference. Tooth color changes over time from receiving other substances with different colors. At first the colors are only on the outside or the surface meaning it can be scrubbed or brushed off, or it can be removed by a dentist. But if an area receives too much substance over a long period of time it might reach the insides of the teeth. However, teeth whitening can help reduce or spread out the colored substances making our teeth whiter.

Noted: This passage was made to spread information, and if there are any problems or questions please consult your dentist. The information above was provided to us by Thanapoj Nilmoj Clinic Club Smile