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Advantage and Disadvantage of tooth bleaching

Nowadays people prefer to have white teeth because white color represented well grooming. White teeth is attractive, hygienic, outstanding and represented good personality. The tooth bleaching substance will whiten your teeth by infiltrating through the enamel and eliminating the pigment in the teeth layer. Your teeth keep whitening because the pigment gradually become lighter color. After tooth bleaching, new pigment continue to born. The dentist will recommend to keep bleaching your teeth again. 

Tooth bleaching is the method to make dark teeth to become more white. The tooth color alternation causes from 2 major reasons:1) the outer tooth causes such as growing age, food and beverage stains, tea, coffee and cigarette stains, 2) the inner tooth causes such as the accumulation of pigment in the inner tooth while originating our tooth. Therefore, tooth bleaching is an option to solve dark tooth problems to become more white and more glossy. Tooth bleaching has many ways to do depend on the causes of color alternations. 

Advantage of tooth bleaching. 

  • To solve the problems of dark, brown, yellowed teeth and all tooth stains to become more white. 
  • To be able to do by all people. 
  • To improve your smile to be more flourishing. 

To do tooth belching by yourself at home, you must first see the dentist in order to make individual tooth plate. The tooth plate made of thin plastic for inserting tooth bleaching liquid which your dentist make for you. When you want to bleach your teeth, you have to insert the liquid into the plate before putting on your teeth. The liquid will touch the intended bleaching teeth (approximately 2-6 hours depend on the liquid intensity). When you stop the bleaching process, take the plate out of your mouth and wash it in the water. The tooth bleaching method is highly safe, cheapest, effective and longer whitening than other methods. 

There are tooth bleaching substances or tooth bleaching products on sale in the supermarket. They are bleaching films and lipsticks shape by putting on your teeth to make them more white. This method may cost cheaper than going to the dentist, but the researches show the whitening process do not work well. There is the limitation on the bleaching substances in the ingredients. The intensity of hydrogen peroxide is low because the Food and Medicine organization regulation which ruled that high intensity considered as medicine. Therefore the intensity is controlled. Moreover, if there is no tooth plate, the bleaching substances will touch the your tissue in oral cavity which may cause irritation. We do not suggest you to buy any bleaching product to do it yourself. The bleaching toothpaste, bleaching dental floss, bleaching gum do not produce any bleaching effects. 

Do the bleached teeth stay healthy? According to the researches, after bleaching your teeth with liquid of 10-20% intensity, the enamel still stay strong as usual. If using liquid of higher than 40% intensity, the strength of the enamel will decrease. The dentist commonly uses only liquid of 3-7% intensity. However the bleaching liquid may effect the enamel which easily absorb the color of food within the period of the first 2 days after tooth bleaching. The dentist always remind the patient to avoid drinking tea, coffee, red wine or any food which is easily absorb color within the period of the first 2 days after tooth bleaching. Additionally many patients may have little hypersensitive while bleaching their teeth and it will get better in 1 or 2 days. Each individual has different hypersensitive. In case of gingival recession or corroded tooth at the base of tooth which cause hypersensitive in the medium or severe level, the dentist will put gel on teeth to reduce such symptoms rotated with the bleaching liquid or use the anti hypersensitive toothpaste together. If there is such hypersensitive during tooth bleaching at home, you better stop bleaching your teeth for 2-5 days and restarting the tooth bleaching. 

The other side effect of bleaching substance is the burning sting on your gum. For the tooth bleaching by the dentist at the dental clinic, the dentist is using the high intensity liquid. The dentist will carefully protect his patient. If there is a leak of the bleaching substance into your gum, your gum will become pale. However your gum will be back to normal condition in 2-3 days without any severe damages. 

Note: This article is for educational purpose only. We suggest you to consult with your doctors or your dentists for any dental problems or any further questions. The information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Club Smile clinic.

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