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How to brush interproximal space properly?

Tooth brush may clean the surface of tooth only 60-70% (not 100%). If you want to completely clean up your teeth, you need to use all equipments to clean all tooth alleys properly. There are so many equipments to use for interproximal hygiene such as dental floss, interproximal toothbrush. If you have the gingival recession or receded to reveal a triangle space between your teeth, you better consider to use interproximal toothbrush.

The proper way to use interproximal toothbrush is to slide the toothbrush softly in the triangle space. You have to choose the right size toothbrush for such space. Gently use for the space is essential. The harsh use will harm your gum and worsen your gingival recession.

The interproximal toothbrush has the flexible part which can be subsided into the narrow space and can be enlarged in the wide space. It can clean the untouchable space better than the regular toothbrush. 

The use of interproximal toothbrush initially deletes microorganism stain. It may cause a wound which has bleeding a little bit. In case of severe bleeding, you may consult with your dentist right away. There is a chance for the periodontitis to occur in your mouth.

The proper procedure to use the interproximal toothbrush are

  1. To slide the interproximal toothbrush softly into the triangle space. To place the toothbrush closely to each tooth. While brushing your tooth, you must focus on each tooth without thinking of the interproximal spaces. It will allow you to remember which tooth you already brushed.
  2. To slide in & out softly or out & in each tooth by 3-4 times. To brush both the outer side and the inner side of your teeth.
  3. To wash your mouth after using the toothbrush.

Note: This article is for educational purpose only. We suggest you to consult with your dentists or your doctors for any dental problems or any further questions. The information supported by Dentist Tanapote Nimmod of Club Smile clinic.