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What is the cause of Gingival Recession? How to prevent it?

The Gingival Recession is the symptom that the gingival tissues around your teeth become weak. The result is the gingival tissues recede to the root of teeth and reveal more tooth body. Some patients' gingival tissues recede upon the root which allow the tooth body to contact more bacteria. It also allows the limestone stain to accumulate which may cause any dental problems in the future. The gingival recession cannot be cured and fix back to normal condition. We can only prevent for not having more recession. If you neglect the recession, it will damage your tooth bone. It can make your teeth weak and be finally detached.

The symptoms of Gingival Recession:

The noticeable symptom is the changeable condition of your gum. The gingival body recede and reveal more tooth body. The more recession will reveal the base of tooth or the root clearly. There are more symptoms such as

  1. Hypersensivity.
  2. Bleeding after tooth brushing or dental floss using.
  3. Swollen and red gum.
  4. Bad breath.
  5. Pain at your gum.
  6. Movable teeth or usual long shape teeth.

For biting or chewing, the gingival recession patients may bite or chew difficultly and feel more pain if pressing at their gum. If the gingival recession keep continuing without any efficiently cure, the recession area can be the accumulated germ area which will cause any further oral cavity diseases.

The motives of Gingival Recession

The recession occurs by many causes but the most dangerous cause is by the periodontal disease. This disease creates not only the gingival recession but also the further problems which may make you lost your teeth. The other motives that cause the gingival recession are

  • The wrong tooth brushing: to choose the toothbrush which has too hard brush or to brush your teeth too strong may destroy the gum tissue and recede to the gingival recession.
  • Bad oral cavity hygiene: to brush your teeth uncleanly, no use dental floss or mouth washing liquid may cause limestone accumulation between gum and teeth. If you do not cure it, the gingival recession will occur finally.
  • To have the injured gum: accident , gum and mouth piercing for beauty purpose, to play sport may cause any injuries at your mouth which may kill the gum tissues and recede to the tooth root.
  • The periodontitis: the disease occurs by the inflammation of your gum which make the organs around tooth such as bone around the tooth root destroyed and minimized. This incident may follow by the gingival recession.
  • Gene: some genetic code transferred in the family line may cause any risk to have any gingival diseases.
  • Hormone alternation: the pregnancy and the non menstruation period may cause the unusual hormone level. This incident effects directly to the gum health in a bad way which is easy to have an inflammation and the tissue lost.
  • Smoking: the toxic substance in the cigarette is the major ingredient to cause plaque stain which is very difficult to clean. If you leave the plaque for a long time, the limestone stain will occur and cause a risk to have the gingival recession.
  • Wrong behavior: the improper behavior which becomes your habit such as biting or chewing your teeth while sleeping. This action creates high pressing to your teeth and effects to your gum by making your gum weaken and receded to the tooth base.
  • Improperly putting tooth rectified equipment: To put tight or unfit tooth rectified equipment to the patient's teeth makes their gum weaken and receded to reveal more tooth body.

If you have the gingival recession, you should meet the dentist who specializes in the periodontitis to find its causes, resolutions and protections promptly.

Note: This article is for educational purpose only. We suggest you to consult with your dentist or your doctors for any dental problems or any further questions. This information supported by Dentist Tanapote Ninmod of Club Smile clinic.